Actionable Insights for Precision Agriculture

IntelinAir’s aerial imagery analytics delivers a comprehensive health analysis for your farm

Diagnose the causes of yield variability so you can address the right problems with the right remedies in precisely the right locations.

Powerful Analytics

IntelinAir’s aerial imagery analytics combines real agronomic data and cutting-edge artificial intelligence for a detailed and accurate picture of your whole field.

Early Warning System

IntelinAir’s Ag-MRITM technology alerts you to variants in your field—and it goes beyond where the problems are to show you what they are and why they are there.

Timely Decision Support

IntelinAir’s easy-to-use mobile interface delivers insights created by PhD agronomists and engineers for timely decision-making while you’re out in your field.

Improved ROI

IntelinAir gives you a better return on ALL your investments—controlling costs, improving yields, and maximizing profitability so you can squeeze more value from every acre.