• MRI for farming

IntelinAir’s aerial imagery analytics delivers a comprehensive health analysis for your farm

Diagnose the causes of yield variability so you can address the

right problems with the right remedies in precisely the right locations.


Early Warning System

IntelinAir’s Ag-MRITM technology alerts you to variants in your field—and it goes beyond where the problems are to show you what they are and why they are there.

Powerful Analytics

IntelinAir’s aerial imagery analytics combines real agronomic data and cutting-edge artificial intelligence for a detailed and accurate picture of your whole field.

Timely Decision Support

IntelinAir’s easy-to-use mobile interface delivers insights created by PhD agronomists and engineers for timely decision-making while you’re out in your field.

Improved ROI

IntelinAir gives you a better return on ALL your investments—controlling costs, improving yields, and maximizing profitability so you can squeeze more value from every acre.

  • Unparalleled Aerial Imagery Analytics

Introducing Ag-MRITM Technology


Aerial imagery analytics powered by traditional computer vision and modern deep learning methodologies, agronomic science, and user-friendly interface, synthesizing data into actionable insight to support decision-making.


Advanced Image Analysis and </br>Change Detection

Advanced Image Analysis and
Change Detection

IntelinAir uses proprietary temporal and spatial analysis methods to provide early warning to problems in your fields.

Deep Learning and </br>Neural Networks

Deep Learning and
Neural Networks

IntelinAir leverages neural networks to learn abnormal crop conditions over time and adapt to many different field conditions.

Spectral Signature and </br>Pattern Matching

Spectral Signature and
Pattern Matching

IntelinAir is building a proprietary signature library to identify patterns and markers for such issues as diseases and nutrient deficiencies in critical crops such as corn and soybean.

  • Ag-MRITM Comprehensive Field Health Analysis

IntelinAir’s proprietary Ag-MRI™ analytics capability is like a health analysis for your field. Just as an MRI uses imagery to detect problem areas in your body, IntelinAir’s analytics pinpoint trouble spots and give farmers guidance on what to prioritize in their field.


IntelinAir uses sophisticated algorithms to recognize complex patterns and variants to provide the clearest picture possible of what’s going on in a field throughout the growing season. Our technology captures thousands of raw images per field, which are then mosaicked into a single image that provides a comprehensive snapshot of the health of your field.


Applications Throughout the Growing Season


Weed Identification

Weed Identification

Support VRT herbicide application and identify herbicide-resistant weeds

Nutrient Prescription

Nutrient Prescription

Analysis to support VRT nitrogen application

Weather Damage

Weather Damage

Identify wind and flood damage and forecast harvest