In this Data Privacy Policy (“Policy”), IntelinAir, Inc. and its subsidiaries (collectively. “IntelinAir”) describe how we collect, store, process, use, sell, transfer and disclose data. This Policy applies to IntelinAir and all of our operations, software, services, systems, websites and web apps.

IntelinAir uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to identify key patterns in aerial imagery and other data to provide timely, actionable insights to agricultural retailers, farmers and others related to crops. These insights are delivered to our customers’ smartphones, tablets and desktop computers by smart alert notifications via our flagship platform, AGMRI®. 

IntelinAir’s Data Collection Practices

IntelinAir obtains the data it needs to fuel its “alerting engine” and to conduct its business as follows:

  • IntelinAir purchases or otherwise obtains aerial imagery data from third-party vendors who use fixed-wing aircraft, satellites, and drones to collect the data;
  • IntelinAir accesses websites, records, and other publicly available sources to obtain relevant data about factors that impact crop performance;
  • IntelinAir purchases data from third-party vendors who have obtained the data from publicly available or other sources and have the legal right to sell and transfer the data;
  • IntelinAir obtains data about our customers and potential customers and their land, operations, farm management practices, and crops directly from them, their equipment and their other suppliers and service providers; and
  • IntelinAir automatically collects data from persons and their devices when such persons visit our websites or web apps by using cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies.  You are able to decline cookies when accessing our sites, but by doing so, you may not be able to use some features or receive all offers available on the site.  Check the “Help” menu on your browser to learn how to change your cookie preferences.


The Data IntelinAir Obtains and Uses

The data IntelinAir obtains and uses, includes, without limitation:

  • Raw aerial imagery data of land, crops, pasture, timber, draws, fencerows, lakes, ponds, rivers, creeks and roads, railroad tracks and related rights-of-way;
  • Weather, soil and topography data and data about other factors that impact crop performance;
  • Derivative data IntelinAir generates from the application of its proprietary algorithms to the aerial imagery and other data, including crop insight notifications related to plant emergence & stand count, drainage, weeds, insects & disease, and nutrient deficiency;
  • Data, including raw aerial imagery data and derivative data generated from raw aerial imagery, that is aggregated and compiled into data summaries and other reports that do not identify individual persons or properties (“Aggregate Data”);
  • Data that enables IntelinAir to better perform its AGMRI services, including, without limitation, names, addresses and other contact information for AGMRI subscribers and potential customers, field boundaries, field names, crops, seeds planted, fertilizer and crop protection applications, other farm management practices, and credit card and other payment information; and
  • Data related to persons who access our websites or web apps and their devices, such as browser type, operating system, IP address, domain name, type of mobile device, date and time of access, areas of the site accessed, amount of time spent on the site, number of times the person returned to the site, and click-stream data.


IntelinAir’s Data Uses

IntelinAir uses the data it obtains as described above, independently and in conjunction with its third-party vendors and service providers, for research and development (“R&D”), commercial and training purposes. IntelinAir continuously conducts R&D to develop new technologies and services and to enhance its existing technologies and services, including its flagship AGMRI® artificial intelligence platform that has been customized for agricultural uses. IntelinAir also uses data (including Confidential Data as defined below) to deliver crop insights to, and enhance the experience of, its customers who have subscribed to IntelinAir’s AGMRI® services and their retailers, if applicable. IntelinAir uses data to communicate with its customers and to target its technology demonstrations, advertising, promotional programs, and other marketing to its customers and potential customers. IntelinAir also sells or otherwise transfers data (including Aggregate Data) to farmers, crop consultants, agricultural retailers and other persons or companies; provided, that, IntelinAir does not sell, transfer or otherwise disclose Confidential Data (except as described below) without the consent of the owner(s) of such data.  IntelinAir uses data for internal and external training purposes to improve the knowledge and use of IntelinAir’s technologies, including AGMRI®.


IntelinAir’s Sale, Transfer or Other Disclosure of Data

IntelinAir endeavors to comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, regulations and rules (collectively, “Laws”) as such Laws may be enacted, amended, repealed or otherwise modified from time to time, including, without limitation, Laws related to privacy and data protection.  Currently, such Laws generally protect persons against the unauthorized collection, use or disclosure of their “personal data”. The phrase “personal data” has different meanings as used in the various Laws. For purposes of our Policy, we will use the phrase “Personal Data” to mean data that can uniquely identify a natural person.  Personal Data broadly includes, without limitation, a person’s appearance, name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, IP address, date of birth, social security number, race, ethnicity, political affiliation, religious beliefs, health, financial condition, credit card information, and bank account information. 

IntelinAir will treat all Personal Data that you voluntarily provide to us as confidential and will not sell, transfer, or otherwise disclose such data to third persons (other than IntelinAir contractors or service providers who have an obligation of confidentiality or retailers or other entities in which you contracted with to subscribe to IntelinAir’s services), without your consent. IntelinAir will also treat all other data that you voluntarily provide to us relating to your land, crops, or farming/business operations as confidential and will not sell, transfer or otherwise disclose such data to third persons (other than IntelinAir contractors or service providers who have an obligation of confidentiality or retailers or other entities in which you contracted with to subscribe to IntelinAir’s services), without your consent. All such information you provide to us shall be referred to as “Confidential Data”. As described in the applicable subscription services agreement, you will continue to own your Confidential Data.

IntelinAir, together with its contractors and service providers, may process, internally transfer, store, and otherwise use all data, including Confidential Data, within the U.S. and/or non-precluded foreign countries, including the use of all such data in the provision of services to its customers. The raw aerial imagery data IntelinAir acquires, the derivate data IntelinAir generates based on the aerial imagery and other data, and the Aggregate Data are not Personal Data and are not otherwise Confidential Data. Therefore, subject only to any restrictions contained in the contracts IntelinAir enters to obtain such data, IntelinAir may process, store, use, sell, transfer or otherwise disclose all such data, without the consent of landowners or farm operators.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, IntelinAir may also transfer or otherwise disclose data (including Confidential Data) to governmental authorities as required by Laws or in connection with an actual or potential merger, or the sale or potential sale of all or substantially all of the stock or assets of IntelinAir.

IntelinAir’s Storage, Retention, & Security of Data

IntelinAir stores data, including your Confidential Data, on a secure, third-party site. IntelinAir retains data applicable to your account, including your Confidential Data, while your account is active to enable IntelinAir to provide you services. IntelinAir will delete your Confidential Data promptly upon your request, or in any event, within a reasonable time after the data is no longer necessary to provide you services. We will, however, retain and use data, including Confidential Data, as necessary to comply with our legal obligations, resolve any disputes, and enforce our agreements.

Transmissions over the internet and the storage of large amounts of data are never 100% secure or error-free. However, IntelinAir takes reasonable steps to protect your Confidential Data from loss, misuse, and unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction. It is your responsibility to safeguard your passwords and User IDs and to notify us if you ever suspect that your password or User ID for one of our services has been compromised. You are solely responsible for any unauthorized use of our services conducted via your password and User ID. IntelinAir will promptly notify you in the event we learn of a breach of data security with respect to your Confidential Data.

Children’s Privacy

IntelinAir’s services are intended for adults. IntelinAir does not intentionally or knowingly collect Personal Data from minors (as defined by Laws), and IntelinAir requests that minors not submit any Personal Data to us.

Policy Updates and Agreement Amendments

IntelinAir reserves the right to change, modify, add, or remove portions of this Policy at any time, but will disclose that changes have been made by indicating on the Policy the date it was last updated. If IntelinAir changes the Policy in a material way, we will provide appropriate online notice to you at least thirty (30) days in advance, including a summary of any such changes. We will also inform you of, and summarize, any changes to the data ownership or privacy provisions in our subscription service agreements or related documentation. When you visit our websites or use our services, you are accepting the current version of this Policy. We recommend that our customers and other users of our services revisit this Policy on occasion to learn of any updates.

Effective Date: November 1, 2023


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Yield Forecast

Understand where your corn yield is based on the current state of the crop. As the season unfolds, see how it is having an impact on your final yield.

Yield Loss

Powered by years of Nitrogen research at the University of Missouri, our corn Yield Loss analytic, powered by NVision Ag, gives insight into potential yield loss due to Nitrogen deficiency. Optional analytic for nitrogen management.

Variable Dry Down

variable dry down

Understand which fields and which areas of the field are drying down to help plan your harvest logistics.

Underperforming Area

low crop health

Not all areas of your fields perform the same and low NDVI doesn’t necessarily mean there is anything you can do to fix it this year. Underperforming Area alerts you to the fields and areas of the fields that are performing below their historical potential. This will allow you to quickly find those fields and areas and make adjustments to get them back on target and protect yield.

Nutrient Deficiency

nutrient deficiency

As the crop grows, it can tell us more of what is wrong with it. This analytic finds the fields and areas of the fields where there is a nutrient deficiency so that issues can be addressed before grain fill.

Disease Stress

disease risk

In conjunction with the Thermal Stress, Disease Stress alert takes into account weather information to more precisely indicate the type of stress impacting the crop.

Thermal Stress

thermal risk

Using our thermal imagery, AGMRI can detect elevated heat patterns of the crop that indicate crop stress.

Crop Health

Crop Health

Get a complete view of your farms and fields and identify where yield potential is ranked highest to the lowest.

Weed Map & Weed Escape

weed escape

Know what fields and areas of the fields have weeds. With machine integration or based on planting date, be alerted to what fields have weeds that may be impacting yield.

Historical Field Performance

AGMRI creates 5 performance zones in each field based on the historical average of those zones. This data is used to compare the current season to help understand where you are underperforming from the zone potential.

Low Emergence

low emergence

Notification of what fields and areas of the field have poor emergence.

Stand Assessment

strand assessment

AGMRI detects the established rows and uses computer vision and machine learning to determine the best segment of row and compares the rest of the field to that segment to give you a relative map. If machine data is integrated, a stand population map is returned.